Wood wool for gardening

Our garden wood wool is made out of natural pine wood.

Especially recommended as a bio-hygienic underlay for crops (eg strawberries, cucumbers, zucchini) and to cover the soil or the bed.

  • Protects against earth contact, fruit rot, quick drying of the floor
  • Improves soil growth, favors plant growth, reduces snail-eating
  • For fruit storage or for frost-sensitive plants
  • as nesting material for beneficial insects (indirect natural pest control)
  • Without weed seeds and without pesticide residues
  • Fully compostable
  • Four language description on the back of the packaging

Our product range is addressed to trading partners. Purchases are possible from a pallet.

You would like to include this product in your assortment? We gladly deliver the garden wood wool in the appropriate display or in the practical 6-line strapping for shelf placement (depending on packaging unit)! Contact us.

Available packaging units:

850g and 2,5kg